Getting 6 Pack Abs Isn’t As Simple As Just Doing Crunches

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It seems that the common belief in our   Anadrole culture is that all you need to do is do some crunches, or buy a special machine, and you can have sexy 6 pack abs within weeks. Despite the multitude of advertisements that flash across the TV screen each day, this is just absolutely not true. It takes more than just a few crunches or a flashy gadget to get the body of your dreams.

The hard truth is that no matter what commercials may tell you, it is impossible to spot reduce your belly fat. Spot reducing is where you focus on exercising just one area of your body, like your abs, in order to lose fat in just that area. This is impossible. Your body stores fat over the whole body. While it may store more in your belly than anywhere else, it is impossible to lower your fat in just your belly. If you want to lose that stubborn belly fat, you need to focus on reducing your total body fat if you want to start seeing those 6 pack abs.

Reducing your body fat will allow the ab muscles that you already have to show through. Most likely you have tried to build your abs bigger and bigger, but honestly you probably already have a 6 pack that you just can’t see. You can’t see it because it’s covered in a layer of fat. So how do you let those beauties shine through?

In order to get sexy 6 pack abs, you need to eat less fatty foods, and focus on eating healthier carbs. This means cutting back on breads, pastas, and potatoes, and avoiding fried foods for a while. Focus on foods like fish, chicken and green vegetables.

The other thing you can do to help those abs show through, is exercise. Weight training is absolutely the best thing you can do to cut your body fat, but any exercise is a good thing. Go for a walk, jog, or do some push ups and jumping jacks if you can’t get to the gym right now.

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