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Balanced Body Keto You have to prioritize clean cooking that does not incorporate sources of calories, and a sauce that is too dense adds many, no matter how homemade it is. That does not mean that it is insane but, for example, the Frito carries a lot of oil. Also, with the excuse You can incorporate some animal product that releases saturated fats and also causes you to lose nutritional quality, explains Benzene. The best thing to avoid temptation is to opt for baked, steamed and Balanced Body Keto cooking, the expert says, although it is also true that Stop eating fat will not make you lose weight. Lorena Enrique adds that the energy from sauces and dressings “can go unnoticed because it goes in small quantities, but its caloric intake is very important. For example, mayonnaise contains 685 kilo calories per 100 grams, and taking into account that a tablespoon are 10 grams, each one that we add to the plate adds 8.5 kilo calories.

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