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Alpha Femme Keto And there are many more. The biochemistry of the University of Sydney Susana Holt and her team developed a satiety index in 1995 that classifies food by its ability to satiate hunger, based on the nutrients of each. This index is expressed in a percentage that, the higher, the more satiating power it gives the food. The table that collects these foods, which is still used as a reference, puts cooked potatoes first, with a satiety percentage of 323%.The same amount of chips falls to 116%. The second place is for fish, with 225%. Also noteworthy are foods such as eggs (150%), oatmeal (209%), whole wheat pasta (188%), veal (176%), whole wheat bread (157%), oranges (202%) and apples (197%). Among those that probably make you chop something just 30 minutes after eating them are croissant (47%), bags of chips (91%) and chocolate bars (70%).