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GRN KETO Therefore, it is necessary to carry out more studies and actions to eradicate this problem: there is no National Plan for the Eradication of Iodine Deficiency Disorders, nor a legislation that regulates the consumption of iodized salt for human and animal consumption. national level (not universal). The use of iodized salt is voluntary and if there are no programs that periodically promote its consumption, there is a clear risk that it may be reversed. In recent weeks we have seen how a well-known juice brand, Granite, has launched a new product, Granite light with Stevie. In order to clarify that this food component, this issue has emerged, since stevia is a food additive little known by consumers.

Why Stevia?

From ancient times the human being feels an almost irremediable attraction for the sweet taste, so much so that the sugar in its day was a product of great cultural interest, driven by its censorial attributes to conquer the world. Nowadays it is a main food for the energetic contribution of the human being.

The problem lies in its current consumption, mainly in developed countries, where an excess of sugar in the diet, along with incorrect lifestyle habits (sedentary lifestyle and poor diet) can lead to health problems as important as obesity and diabetes (mainly diabetes type two). This fact, added to the growing concern for a “body 10”, makes products with a sweeter flavor, but practically a caloric, reach the market.

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