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Belean Keto Having some basic notions about the labeling of foods, knowing what they contain, such as the amount of salt or sugar, can avoid many problems, since generally, such cheap foods are usually quite processed and have a high content in sodium. Going to the supermarket with an idea of ​​what we are going to need for each week, planning our food, will save us time and money. Time because we will carry a list of the purchase made and we will go for what we have written down, and money, because we will not buy without food or without food that we do not need.

These are just some of the ideas to improve our diet in times like these. I hope you are useful and that you share your experiences both abroad and in Spain. Improving food is always within our reach. By definition “anthropometry is the science of measurement of dimensions and some characteristics of the body” Among the usual anthropometric measures we can find:

It is an indicator of body mass, very easy to obtain. An excessive body weight is a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, non-insulin dependent diabetes or DM2 and total morbidity and mortality. Numerous studies conducted in young adults as well as in older adults, have reached the conclusion that high values ​​of weight correspond to higher values ​​of blood pressure.

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