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Will Keto Pills Help You Get Into Ketosis The problem is that people usually throw away the yolk due to the panic there is to saturated fats and cholesterol. A pity that is done because in the yolk is where almost all of the micro nutrients reside, being the clear source of protein and little else. For more information about egg, cholesterol and saturated fats, you can look at the following two links in which I discuss these topics in more detail. THE CONSUMPTION OF EGGS, SATURATED FATS AND CHOLESTEROL In short, consume whole eggs. They are good, nutritious and delicious. SARDINES 559-nutrition-inchoate-sardines The sardines are blue fish rich in protein, Omega-3 fatty acids (which are extremely scarce in our diets and very little balanced compared to Omega-6, which we consume too many), vitamins (especially D, B2, B3 and B12) and almost all minerals. The sardines, in addition, are usually quite cheap and can be eaten whole, so the nutritional value of it increases when consuming the organs, which are extremely nutritious parts of the animals (you can see in the previous article when I talk about the liver) .


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