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Organa Keto They have an extensive range of products with raw materials of natural origin, where you can find from snacks aimed at weight maintenance to supplements for athletes and also with different options for lactose intolerant to gluten or soy, in addition to having options for people They follow the paleo diet or for vegetarians and vegans.

Some of the ones that seem most interesting due to their composition or originality are:

ECOLOGICAL BIRCH SAVIA: It is filtered water from the roots through the trunks of birch trees. Yes as it sounds, water extracted directly from the tree. This water contains a very small amount of a natural sugar called xylitol, and also some minerals and vitamins, so it is a good choice as a refreshing healthy drink and very low in calories.

COCO ELECTROLYTES: They present it in powder to reconstitute in water as a hydration drink. It is formulated based on coconut water, tapioca glucose, sea salt and vitamin C and its composition is perfect as an isotonic drink, which you can use both during and after practicing sports.