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Keto Buzz KetoLogic’s Ket0 30 Challenge Bundle, which includes one 30-serving container of BHB and two 20-serving containers of KetoMeal, and a shaker bottle. You’re supposed to drink 1-2 servings of the BHB a day “to boost your energy, enhance mental clarity, and curb cravings.” The KetoMeal is described as a meal replacement “made with satiating and energizing MCT oil powd Keto Buzz  er.” London notes the main electrolyte you’re getting in a KetoLogic or a similar supplement is sodium, which you already have in your pantry-aka, table salt. That just means you could easily get your electrolyte intake on your own (without paying $100 or more). According to Good Housekeeping, those keto supplements could also