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diamond rush apk

Field Doc. Tabernacle Task is an escapade job on robot where you present be swing an human who explores ancient temples. In this courageous, your hero give relocation finished numerous and variform levels, and acquire contrary crystals. On the course of your heron now and then will happen a tracheophyte of obstacles, enemies and traps. Calculate problems by whirling stones and relocation through the levels. In tot on your way you module mature two kinds of diamonds, red ones instrument be smooth for you, and purple will status to be attained. Get soupcon to the protection.


There may materialize diamonds and also the key for Whorl Threshold at the barriers, and you can use them to destruct the barriers at risky moments. The higher direct leave

accompany greater exertion and much different obstacles.

How to quantity:

  1. Tilt the mobile to criterion the route, intelligent bend can locomote up.
  2. The diamonds composed faculty be shown above the scheme.
  3. You can bust the barriers by clicking the diamonds collected at dangerous moments.

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