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Belean Keto Doctors in American and English clinics prescribe it quite often, noting that it is particularly effective for patients whose diet contains a large amount of fats, sugars, as well as various semi-finished products and fast food. Weight loss begins on the second or third day of the program. However, to continue the diet for more than five days is not worth it – it can damage your health. If further weight loss is required, it will be possible to return to the rice-compote diet in a week or two. Do not forget that before starting the program it is better to consult with your doctor – this is especially important for those who suffer from chronic diseases. Add rice porridge with compote of 500 g of dried fruit or 1 kilogram of fresh fruit and 100 g of sugar. In the set of dried fruits for compote, be sure to include potassium-dried apricots and prunes, which facilitate the work of the intestines. In addition, suitable raisins, dry apples and pears, cherries and figs. From fresh fruits, give preference to stone fruit and poem fruit – apples, pears, quince, peaches, plums and apricots. The proportions of fruit depend on your taste. Cooled compote cooked and divided into portions. On the day you need 1.5 liters of ready drink – that is, 6 glasses. Begin the morning with a glass of fruit decoction, drink one more at noon, and eat a portion of rice for lunch, washing it down with compote. The fourth glass of broth relies on afternoon tea, and for dinner, except compote, eats the last portion of rice. Use the last glass of broth before bedtime. Other foods and drinks are not recommended. An exception can be made only for clean water without gas. The results of the diet will make you happy. In five days you can lose up to three kilograms, get rid of edema and get a fresh complexion. Doctors in charge of Kempner diets noted improved sleep, normalized gastrointestinal function and improved skin condition. Get out of the diet should be gradually. On the sixth day, add fresh vegetable salad with a spoonful of vegetable oil, vegetable soup, and whole grain bread.