Why Your Business Needs an Elevator Pitch Claim

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Everybody involved in business, particularly their own business, should have their own version of what top salesman call their “elevator pitch.” This is an effective strategy for small business internet marketing too where you have only a few seconds to get your prospect’s attention and convince her to read more.

Imagine that you stepped on an elevator already occupied by only one person. And that person you knew was the very top prospect for your business. You know that if you could land this person as a client you would double your business overnight.

You got on the elevator at the third-floor, and you notice that the number 5 button has already been pushed. As the doors start to close your elevator companion says to you, “I’ve seen you in this building before, what do you do?”

The Power of One

The secret power of the elevator pitch is its focus and simplicity.

You already know that you only have a few seconds to effectively communicate that you might be able to help this person with something that interests him, so every word you speak must carry you forward to your goal.

That is where the power of one comes in. Even if you have two or twenty talents that you know could help your elevator companion solve a problem, you only have one opportunity to focus entirely on one of those talents.

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