Why You Should Get a Good Night’s Sleep Claim

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Research has shown that sleep affects our health, both mentally and physically. The human body was created in such a way as to use sleep to replenish and heal itself. Life is full of stressors and without proper sleep; your body has a tough time recovering from those stressors. Think about it, how do you feel mentally when you haven’t had enough sleep? Irritable? Unable to concentrate? Groggy? What about physically? Overall tiredness? Muscle fatigue?

Sleep ensures that our brain although active during deep sleep recovers significantly during the night. You will usually go through 4 dream cycles a night. Most researchers feel the brain is regurgitating information during this time and no longer working as the amazing machine that it is.

In actuality, our brain sends the message through the central nervous system that it is tired and needs to be recharged. This is why you begin to suffer lack of mental clarity when you have been awake for longer than usual.

So how much sleep do we need? Obviously there is not a concrete answer to this question but we do know that the younger we are, the more sleep we need. As we age, our body requires less and less sleep, while an infant can sleep up to 17 hours a day. Researchers suggest 8 hours as the norm for age 20-60 as an acceptable night’s sleep.

If you have trouble sleeping, look for natural cures rather than sleeping pills. These pills can not only be addictive, they can interrupt you dreaming cycle resulting in waking up feeling tired and suffering from a lack of alertness

We cannot control our sleep. We sleep nearly a third of our life away. Keep in mind that the human body is an amazing machine but it must be shut down occasionally to recharge. That is why we sleep and why it is so important to our health.

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