The Right Exercise for Diabetics Claim

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Researchers have studied that aerobics training is a must for people with diabetes. This involves any exercise that can keep your heart rate up which helps in lowering sugar levels as well as body mass. Not only can it minimize the risk of heart diseases which are common to diabetics but it could also prevent people from getting the disease by not being obese which could lead to diabetes. Typically, it is advised that diabetics exercise for 30 minutes daily or around four times a week.

Another good type of exercise for a diabetic is resistance training that primarily aims to strengthen the body muscles. This usually involves another object during the exercise such as dumbbells, weights, or bricks to tone the muscles and gain a needed endurance for any type of physical activity. Resistance training has the same effect as aerobic fitness above but it has been noted that combining these two types of exercise will produce the finest results for type 2 diabetics.

However, diabetics should be wary of not overdoing any type of exercise since it could lead to hypoglycemia which occurs when glucose levels become too low. When you exercise too much, your glucose can reach unsafe low levels that could result to fainting and fatigue. You should always monitor your sugar levels after doing an exercise and if it becomes too low, always bring a snack to spike up that sugar. Hyperglycemia or high glucose level can also happen with too much exercise as hormones can cause the body sugar to increase. This is why proper moderation should be done when exercising as it could harm your body when not monitored or executed the right way.