The 3 Keys to Six Pack Abs Claim

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Stronger muscles will help you burn more calories. To create definition in you ab muscles you need to significantly reduce your body fat. Most people mistaken strong abs for well defined abs. You can have very strong ab muscles, but still no definition. Why? This is because you have fat cover these abdominal muscles. By strengthening your entire body, you will burn more calories even while you are resting, working or sleeping. Increasing muscle mass is like gaining interest on your savings account. This interest keeps accruing even while you rest.

The second key to obtaining six pack abs is to dedicate yourself to a strict diet. As mentioned above, reducing body fat is the key to well defined abdominal muscles. In addition to a total body workout, dieting is the only way to achieve chiseled abs. If you do not reduce your body fat, you can have rock hard stomach muscles, but nobody will know.

The third leg to this three legged stool is a strong ab exercise routine. I have purposefully put these as the last key to six pack abs. Great ab exercises are important, but without the above two keys, you will never get well defined stomach muscles. However, you will still have strong abs which are vital to a strong core. So while I have de-emphasized this step, it is only because it is the most obvious of the three keys. You will still have to workout your abs. Also, do not forget your lower abs workout. Of all the abdominal exercises, lower ab workouts are the most difficult.’

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