Serious Weight Loss And Snacking Claim

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I cleared a table in the office and set it up there. Looks good but it looked empty. Empty bowl, then of course you fill it. Next time I was in the supermarket I bought a nice little selection of fruit. I eat a lot of vegetables but I rarely eat fruit. I just don’t think about it and I rarely get around to it. I’ll tell you though; a nice little selection of fruit in a nice fruit bowl in my office makes me feel healthier just looking at it! When people come through they comment on it, reinforce that I am actually doing healthy things for my body, and reinforce in my own mind that I am serious.

When I’m busy, and maybe it is time for a hot drink, it is really easy to grab an apple and slice just a little piece off with the razor sharp fruit knife. I have tried that before and not got around to it but now I find that I enjoy it and it is right there so I do not need to leave my desk. The funny thing is that while I slice just a sliver of apple, or break just a bit off a banana, or take just one segment off a mandarin, when I finish what I am doing with my work, or on my computer, and pay attention again to things around me I find I have eaten the whole piece fruit.I don’t think about it, it just became a habit. Adding this into what I did moved the weight loss from slow to over a kilo (over 2,2 lbs) a week without any extra effort.

One day I picked up a bag of nice looking little carrots. Your know carrots, those long orange things that they sell in the green grocer and that people cook up with meals? I sat them next to the fruit bowl and when I was feeling a little hungry I just ate one as a snack. Good fiber, filling, probably a little nutrition in them. They are basically a simple easy way to chew on something without getting fats and processed sugars and extra calories in my diet. End of the day I found I had eaten half a bag and when I went home for dinner I was looking forward to it but not starving and I was satisfied with a smaller portion.Snacking is something that can bring you undone or you can use as a tool to help you get steady, ongoing, control of your diet and of your weight. Take the time to think about how you can set up yourself for success but making the things you ‘should’ be eating easy to get to and comfortable to use.

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