Importance Of Weight Loss For Diabetes Claim

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Based on studies, the American Heart Association states that diabetes and obesity are interlinked conditions. Many cases of diabetes have been shown to be caused by obesity or rapid weight gain in individuals with insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is caused by the body becoming numbed by rapid spikes in blood sugar levels due to diets rich in sugars, unhealthy fats and refined carbohydrates. When these types of diets are not modified when an individual’s body becomes insulin resistant, it can quickly lead to Type 2 diabetes.

When an individual has diabetes, their metabolism cannot handle blood sugar levels, leading to too much glucose and cholesterol in the blood. The excess glucose can quickly lead to weight gain. When insulin injections are added into the equation, more glucose is added into the blood. This can easily lead to further weight gain. In return, the weight gain can aggravate blood sugar levels, leading to an unfortunate circular pattern.

Therefore, it is very important for diabetic individuals to work toward weight control in order to prevent further complications with their diabetes that may lead to cardiovascular diseases. This can be accomplished with a diet that avoids refined carbohydrates and is rich in vitamins and minerals combined with a regular fitness program. Your doctor or a health expert will have suggestions on the best weight loss regime for you to undertake.

There are many benefits of weight loss in diabetic individuals, including lowering blood sugar levels as stated above. Since diabetes is linked with weight gain and loss, when you begin to shed pounds, blood sugar levels should begin to lower as well. If you are successful with your weight loss program, there is the chance that you will be able to stop taking your insulin medication. Since weight loss can lead to controlled blood sugar levels, you may no longer need the medication in order to stabilize it, especially if the condition has been caused by obesity or rapid weight gain.