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Keto Tone Avis Most ingredients in Keto Tone Avis are fillers that are commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry, so there is little chance of side effects. It also needs to be said that the makers of Keto Tone Avis do not provide a definitive list of ingredients. If you decide to take the Keto Tone Avis advanced weight loss system, you’ll have no idea what you’re putting into your body. There could be potential Keto Tone Avis side effects from ingredients that aren’t listed on the label. Our bodies convert carbs into energy, it is simply the way our bodies function. There is only one instance when this is not true, and that is when we do not consume enough carbs. When that happens our bodies have a backup. If a person does not consume enough carbs their body will shift to consuming fat instead of carbs for energy. We call this process ketosis.

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Keto Tone Avis (France): 30 jours de défi?