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Tinnitus 911 This study made headlines around the world, claiming that gluten intolerance has been refuted and that gluten was safe for all but people with celiac disease.Tinnitus 911 However, this is completely wrong. What this study does show is that gluten is probably not a very big factor in irritable bowel syndrome, in which case FODMAPs is the main player.Tinnitus 911 This study also supports the fact that many people (IBS is very common) are intolerant of wheat and should strive to avoid it. It’s just that the mechanism is different from what was previously thought.The solution, a gluten and wheat-free diet , is still the same, and just as effective as before.This has led many researchers to suggest that “wheat sensitivity” or “wheat intolerance syndrome” are more appropriate label than “gluten intolerance” (to speculate, 35 , 30 ).

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