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Wow Peach Butt Cream It is also much tastier and it fits in better with your figure. So opt for pants with a bit more stretch. Nowadays you can buy it everywhere. When you put the accent on your waist, you automatically also put the accent on your buttocks earlier. You can do this, for example, by indeed wearing waist pants or a pencil skirt, but also a top that is tight at your waist and then runs wide. A belt in your waist (for example in combination with a dress) can also work well. When you think about accentuating your buttocks, you probably don’t immediately think of the color of your clothing. However, this is a very simple way to make your buttocks come out a little nicer if you want. And if you don’t want that, then you immediately know what not to do. Dark dresses with, for example, the colors dark purple, blue, dark gray, dark green and red are good to choose and when it comes to pants you better opt for a lighter color in combination with a dark color top. That way you get buttocks and thighs like Abeyance because who doesn’t want that? If we have to name one hot derriere, Abeyance will be the winner. And not only her buttocks are rock hard and in shape, the thighs are also flaming. In high-cut aerobics suits (her favorite), Abeyance certainly does not hit a mud figure. Whether we dare? With these 5 tips you give your derriere a big boost 1 Healthy eating = tight skin Basis for tight skin and therefore also for tight thighs and buttocks healthy eating and plenty of water. Probably no surprise, but we will only say it again. Try to skim sugars as much as possible and eat enough fruit and vegetables. Moderate with alcohol and coffee and if you want to drink tea, take as much organic (green) tea as possible without thane. 2 Hip Thrust We have to believe it for an Abeyance bum training really hard. Exercising is key for round and tight buttocks.