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Tinnitus 911ย Music, children’s cries, voices of surrounding people, the noise of passing cars – all this sound background can become a serious hindrance during a conversation. Your interlocutor with hearing problems may be ashamed to ask you to turn off the TV, even if he has to constantly ask you questions or just guess the meaning of your words. Therefore, you yourself must remove all sources of extraneous sounds so that they do not interfere with the conversation. Consider that the deaf people do not like parties very much, as they are not able to keep up the conversation when everyone around is noisy and interrupts each other. In such a situation, a deaf person begins to feel isolated, becomes isolated and worried. Than it is fraught Communication problems caused by deafness often lead to depression and even suicidal thoughts. Worst of all, when a person who loses hearing, is alone with his problem, alone, without the help and support of others. This may be fraught for him with complete disorientation in society. Therefore, colleagues, friends and relatives should support him in every way, encourage him, not let him lose heart and, at the same time, persuade his doctor to appear. For without medical intervention, such problems are not solved, and only get worse over time. A strong deafness not only interferes with productive communication, but also represents a great danger to life and health. For example, if you do not hear the warning buzzer of a car in time, the consequences will be sad. Many hearing impaired people are embarrassed by their illness and do not want the people around them to guess it. They do not ask again when they do not hear something, and gradually limit the circle of their communication to forced contacts. If this happens to your loved one, you must explain to him that hearing loss is not a sentence, and that it can be well compensated with a modern hearing aid.

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