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Testo Drive 365 It is pleasant, serves as a prelude to sex, relaxes and gives a lot of positive, incomparable emotions. Let not everything can be repeated at home, but the basic, basic techniques – easily. 258986 How to do erotic massage: the necessary items, preparation First of all, you need to properly prepare. Intimate massage is an event, a holiday, which should be given accordingly. Necessary components are: Liquid massage oil with stimulating smell (for example, fruit) is a very important ingredient, because the basis of erotic massage is emotions, smells, atmosphere and stimulating movements. Without any of the ingredients, pleasure will be incomplete; Scented candles, which need to be arranged around the massage place; Music is a must-have component. Classic relaxing tunes or Japanese motif fit perfectly. Dim the lights, and even better buy inexpensive red bulbs that create an intimate setting; if you plan to systematically give each other pleasure, it will not be superfluous to purchase a massage table; How to make an erotic massage girl or man? Remember, our goal is to bring maximum pleasure, excite and relax. To do this, all movements must be done slowly and carefully so as not to hurt the partner. An important erogenous zone in girls is the chest, remember this. The rest of the technique is similar to other types of massage. Here are some basic recommendations on how to make an intimate massage for a loved one or loved one: Do not feel sorry for the fragrant essential oil and lubricate the body well, not forgetting the buttocks and groin area; Dress excitingly. If you are a girl – charming transparent intimate lingerie, if a man – shorts or just pants will be enough. Many people like to carry out such “procedures” naked, which is considered more convenient; slow movements rub the sides, massage the shoulders, neck, and head. Do not rush to go below, reach the waist, buttocks, skip the groin and switch attention to the legs. It gets; it is important that you do not forget to touch your partner’s body with your body. If a girl does a massage, then be sure to breastfeed on the back, and if a man, then touches an erect penis; the tongue is the same tool as your hands. Use it to deliver maximum pleasure; Massage the genitals at the very end to get the maximum level of arousal after completing the massage; once you touch the body, do not remove your hands anymore.

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