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Slim X Genie Keto There are many recipes you can do without being an expert in the kitchen. The case is (as in almost everything related to gastronomy) in trying and losing the fear of both cooking in general and fish in particular. (In this link you can see, for example, how a hake is cooked very easily). And this is not the only change you have to push. It is also important that you leave out the ultra-sweet desserts and go over to the fruit. All these are what are known as “micro actions” to achieve your ideal weight. But remember that in the end the most important thing is not to lose weight. What really matters to you is to be healthy. For that there is almost nothing more important than food. That is healthy and balanced is essential to avoid all types of diseases and, among others, those related to obesity. Remember that periodically you can consult in our Health section the best tricks to be up to date with regards to nutrition. In matters of weight loss and weight loss theory is as valuable as practice, and we do not mean that you have to learn doing it, but inspiring real people who have managed to take off the pounds that were left over, thus improving their quality of life. Today we will focus on the case of Austin Sheer , a young man of 25 years who, tired of his appearance, decided to remedy and lose weight no less than 45 kilos . The first 22 he lost in just six months, as narrated in Men’s Health. How to lose 20 kilos in six months our protagonist spent years hating to look in the mirror: “I felt like a human slug, I only cared what I was going to keep eating”. Austin came to weigh 117 kilos. Just when he saw that the scale marked that barbarity, he decided to change forever: “I remember seeing the number and promise myself that everything would change”. The young man, who works as a marketing manager in a company in California, says he came to weigh so much because he had always had a bad diet: “Undoubtedly, the biggest contributor was the departures and a diet that consisted of fast foods, overeating at dinners and not doing just exercise The daily routine was McDonald’s, hours watching television, and so on.” Moderate exercise and balanced diet Austin began doing cardiovascular exercises (walking, running …) on his own, and adjusted his diet to be healthy and balanced (vegetables, lean meats, fruit and plenty of water). In the first six months, he lost 22 kilos.