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Simply Fit Keto The abundance of vegetables, fruits, even in the winter-spring period, vegetarian products, as well as specialized food additives solve the problem of lack of the necessary trace elements and vitamins. People accustomed to fast from year to year can make for themselves a tasty, healthy and relatively full menu. However, one way or another, for more than 40 days of abstinence from protein foods of animal origin in the body, the production of enzymes involved in the breakdown of proteins is reduced, and metabolic processes are slowed down. In addition, during fasting, as a rule, the body learns to saturate with small portions. All this leads to the fact that the holiday feast can turn into serious stress for the body. In order for the feast of Bright Easter not to be overshadowed by health problems, you need to follow a few important rules for ending fasting. Firstly, it should be remembered that “quitting” from a post is not a matter of one day. A sudden return to a normal diet is a shock for an organism that has been used to getting only vegetable food for more than 40 days. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself to receive the usual food gradually. Otherwise, possible exacerbations of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, gastritis attacks, cholecystitis, heaviness in the stomach and significant weight gain. Secondly, you must observe a sense of proportion. The portions for breaking the fast (this is otherwise called eating skoromnoy food after fasting) should be small. It is better not to eat right after midnight, but to wait for the morning. But if you are completely unbearable, then you can eat a small piece of cottage cheese Easter and a quarter (or even 1/8) boiled egg. Abundant feasts on the feast of the Resurrection of the Lord with alcohol and fatty dishes are absolutely unacceptable. The third rule is gradualism. The first “ordinary” breakfast is better to start with cereals. Next you need to enter into the diet of fermented milk products (kefir, natural yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese). After another 2 days add the fish. Meat dishes are best introduced into the diet no earlier than 5 days after Lent. Moreover, it should not be a schnitzel or a portion of pork shish kebab, but steam cutlets made from veal or chicken. What not to eat in the first days after fasting.

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