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Purefit Keto Pills The Lipophidic Diet can be followed by referring to two phases of execution: 1 Stage: it is the most difficult one in that the body must be accustomed to the new lifestyle. It lasts three months and is based on the consumption of protein-rich foods, particularly avoiding carbohydrates (for example, as happens in the carbohydrate-free diet ). In this phase it is advisable to eat every 120 minutes in order to speed up the metabolism and promote fast weight loss. 2 Stage : it is that of maintenance and could last until the ideal weight is reached . This means that we must be very careful not to continue more than necessary the diet plan provided by the Lipophidic Diet. At this stage, as in the previous one, you need to take only the foods indicated by the diet in question and avoid others. Let’s see, therefore, the foods allowed and those forbidden by the Lipophidic Diet. Useful tips and risks of the Lipophidic Diet It is evident that the food plan drawn from the Lipophidic Diet is very restrictive and particularly limited. This means that, when you are dealing with a strict change in eating habits, you could also run into serious health problems. It is advised, in fact, to try to vary the diet without preferring food to others. Our body needs all the nutrients with little attention, obviously, to alcohol, fried food, ready-made or pre-breaded foods, etc. With the right physical activity – without exaggerating – and a healthy diet, the desired results can be achieved without sacrificing our body too much. The Lipophidic Diet, as well as all the high-protein and limiting diets, can lead to serious risks for our health. If on one hand, the positive effects of this type of diet can be: Constant maintenance of insulin levels, Increased metabolism, Stimulation of lipolysis and consequent weight loss, On the other hand, the consequences could be more dangerous . Let’s see together what risks we could take: The excess of protein could turn into storage fat : therefore, in this case, we will also talk about a high-calorie diet. Increased commitment of the liver and consequent pathologies: cysts, bile malfunctioning etc.

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