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Krygen XL He listens, regrets and disappears forever. Because women do not need losers and whiners – this is not sexy and absolutely not reliable. Work on yourself, and you simply will not have time to hurt. Be a man – strong and able to move any mountains, or at least aspiring to it. 10. Being a miser Believe me, any manifestations of your greed will be immediately noticed and listed in your list of the biggest flaws. And therefore never use a calculator to withdraw the “correct” tip amount, and also in no case refuse in principle to pay for the service. Even if the latter was disgusting. And, of course, forget about offering to pay for dinner equally. Believe me, this doesn’t paint you at all from the best. 11. Do not peel off from the smartphone Coming to dinner, just turn off your phone. Believe me, your darling will appreciate this step with much more enthusiasm than if you brought her a bouquet of the most beautiful peonies. No, peonies – this is of course beautiful, and still better with them than without them. But your willingness to fully devote your evening to her alone, not for a second without being distracted by Facebook letters and updating the Instagram tape costs a lot, believe me. Naturally, do not forget to watch the girl as well: if she doesn’t let the phone out of her hands all evening and you can’t even see her eye color properly, because the look of the companion is constantly lowered into the monitor, it means that your person is not at all interested. Yes, you can try to stir it up. But is it necessary, given the fact that you were so frankly beaten? 12. Do not finish the date beautifully All, even the most self-confident girls, after saying goodbye to a man after the first date, fall into a state of jitter. “And if he didn’t like me?” What if I’m too fat? Hell, I shouldn’t have put on light-colored trousers, they make me look fat. And there was no need to talk about that ridiculous case – now he definitely thinks that I am a fool, ”such thoughts often live in the heads of most young ladies.