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Keto Fit Norge Avoid any plan that encourages a drastic decrease in caloric intake. You will do best when you reduce your usual calorie intake and/or increase the number of burned calories by about 500 calories every day. You probably will not be able to cut or burn more than 1,000 Keto Fit Norge calories a day than you are used to without feeling weak or overly-hungry.No, I don’t mean sit on it and watch info ads for Weight Loss Pills and diet drink mixes. Go to the end of your couch, and sit on the arm. Lean back slightly, lifting your feet from the floor. Lean back as far as you can Keto Fit Norge comfortably, raising your legs to counterbalance and to stop you from failing backwards. Maintain a steady pattern of breathing, and hold the position for at least one minute. Stand, stretch and repeat the process up to five times per day. You will feel your tummy muscles tighten while you’re working to keep your balance. Over time, this exercise, along with a few other simple variations will improve your core strength and muscle tone.–how-to-lose-belly-fat