How To Diet For Lower Cholesterol Claim

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If you have just high levels of cholesterol or just wish to be cautious you can probably achieve and maintain the required cholesterol levels with just diet and exercise (plus giving up smoking if you accede to this practice at present). To embark on your cholesterol lowering lifestyle you can:Ensure that you take regular exercise – follow the normal exercise routine advised for a person of your age and circumstances.

Avoid “High Cholesterol Foods” If like so many others today, you are used to a convenience, fast-food type of diet, or just plain eat a large amount of fats and sugars you will need to make some changes. Avoid these types of meal altogether as they carry large amounts of cholesterol high, harmful fats, sugars, calories and additives. Keep a watchful eye out for specific food varieties that you should avoid such as: Saturated Fats; Offal; Animal Skin; Red Meats; Deep Fried Foods; Dairy Products; Egg Yolks; Pastries and Cakes.Eat plenty of healthy, high HDL foods – In the main natural foods are the best types and non-animal foods are healthier. The following list contains a broad spectrum of foods which together will provide a balanced diet with all the HDL rich chemicals and the vitamins and minerals your body requires: Fruit and Vegetables; Olive Oil; Nuts; Oily Fish; Oatmeal; Soy.

There are a growing number of super-foods which can be incorporated into your diet including: Grapes; Garlic; Broccoli; Blueberries; Avocados; Grape Seeds; Apples. These contain high levels of HDL chemicals or vitamins and minerals or anti-oxidants.Although at first it may seem that you are missing a lot of your favourite things, this usually more a matter of habit and after a while you will become accustomed to the more natural flavours, both sweet and savoury. Unless you have an acutely high level of cholesterol or are already suffering with a type of heart disease you can allow yourself the occasional lapses into your old favourites, just treat them as occasional treats.

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