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Constant Concentration¬†Our goal here is to prevent repetition as much as we are able to. We need to do things differently irrespective of how inconsequential they Constant Concentration appear. Before long we’ll notice a huge improvement in the way we process information. We’ll be able to see all of the angles without having to think about it. As we start to notice an improvement in the way we Constant Concentration disseminate information we can easily start working on the technique known as “Mind Mapping”. This is a proven technique which greatly improves your ability to retain information and makes it much simpler to create connections from one idea to another.
It had taken us almost 4 hours from ‘whoa to go’ to milk 26 cows. We were quite proud to find we cut that back to 2-1/2 hours at the next one – the p.m. milking. On that day, we would not have believed the Constant Concentration ‘norm’ we achieved much later – 65 cows in 2 hours!

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